Falah Traders
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We are a traders of dates, spices and mushrooms.

Falah Traders is an Agri-export company that finds its joy in offering customers the finest quality of dry fruits, spices and dates. Our products are forage from the freshest and most nutritional crops that pledge rich taste and unsurpassed quality.We are a dynamic company, always looking to pursue new opportunities and are looking out to import other products as suggested by our customers once we can identify its market in India. We have an extremely strong sales team with our well spread network in all parts of India which can boast of selling any product in the Indian market.

We do wholesale as well retail sale of all our products and also take interest in commission based business. We also export as per the demand and requirements of our customers.

Any queries regarding any purchase or sale in retail as well as wholesale market or any kind of import or export queries are most welcomed.

Our Products
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Dates are a wonderful fruit with a best nutritional facts containing verity of Minerals, Vitamins etc, above all a perfectly Organic Food.

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We are importer of various spices like star aniseed, cloves, cassia etc.

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We are importer of various mushrooms etc.

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Best and fresh dates
Saquib Khan
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Best quality mushrooms, dates and spices
Faizan Kotwala
Client Testimonials
Very nice and fresh products they have.
Piyush Gandhi
Client Testimonials